The Power of Together

The power of infinity reflects the potential of our college and our students, and its success relies on your belief in what all of us – as alumni, family and friends – can achieve together.

Innovation and change are essential to Colby-Sawyer’s future and need to happen everywhere on campus. We can only meet a challenge as comprehensive and demanding as this if our community embraces the vision and provides the wherewithal to make it happen.

Thank you for being part of Colby-Sawyer’s future.

Infinite Impact

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Infinite Potential

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Infinite Connection

The Power of Infinity Campaign acknowledges the strengths and potential of our college, the essential role of our alumni and friends, and the infinite impact that we can have together.

Our innovative curriculum engages students within and beyond the classroom. Every student completes a comprehensive internship. Whether they train nearby at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, take part in the Colorado Watershed field study, or intern at a New York City financial institution, our students graduate with real-world experience, ready to make a difference.

This is a place where students feel at home. Here, they are encouraged to embrace their differences, nurture their talents, forge lifelong friendships with professors and classmates and become what they are meant to be. Long after they leave our campus, students reap the benefits of their college experience—and take pride in their Colby-Sawyer connection.

Colby-Sawyer alumni have gone on to some of the nation’s most prestigious graduate programs and have excelled in virtually every arena. Our graduates can be found in Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups. Among our alumni and faculty are legislators, military leaders, nurses and lawyers, authors, educators, venture capitalists, professional athletes, Hollywood actors and producers, California vintners, human rights and environmental activists and more.

So far, alumni and friends have given over $38 million. Every gift to the Colby-Sawyer Fund also counts toward the Power of Infinity Campaign—and we are infinitely grateful to everyone who has contributed.

Infinite Outcomes

Infinite Gratitude