Bill and Sonja Davidow ’56 have shared a life together since meeting in the mid-1950s, when Sonja earned her medical secretary degree at Colby Junior College and Bill was attending Dartmouth College’s engineering program. “Both Bill and I are very interested in art,” says Sonja. “My grandfather was an artist. I don’t think he did anything else but paint. That was his life, and I thought, what a wonderful thing to be able to do that and support his lifestyle, which many artists can’t.” The Davidows are thrilled about the new Fine and Performing Arts Center at Colby- Sawyer and have pledged to support the construction, as well as fund the Sonja C. Davidow ’56 Endowed Chair in the Fine and Performing Arts. 

As passionate as they are about the arts, the Davidows are equally dedicated to philanthropy. “We like to give money to areas that we feel will make a difference,” says Sonja. Bill agrees. “Sonja and I have always said when we do something philanthropically, we like to deal with institutions that have a well-defined focus on important issues and are excellent in executing those focuses,” he says. “We feel that Colby-Sawyer meets those criteria, and so we’re enthusiastic about supporting the college.”

Bill and Sonja Davidow ’56