For Jason Feitelberg, one phone call made all the difference. He had already received an acceptance letter from the University of Vermont when then-admissions counselor Nate Camp ’98 called to tell him he had been accepted to Colby-Sawyer College. That personal outreach mattered, and Jason chose Colby-Sawyer. Now, more than a decade after graduating, Jason says it was the caring professors who defined his Colby-Sawyer experience. Professor Beth Crockford and Professor Emeritus Tony Quinn, both in the Business Administration Department at the time, made sure Jason was in class and on schedule, and they didn’t suffer excuses. Staff members were there for Jason, too. The family feeling Jason enjoyed at Colby-Sawyer was complemented by the friendships he developed with his fellow students and athletes. “The student body was really close. It didn’t matter what year you were; we were all friends. I want the college to be like that always.”

Now, Jason is committed to helping other students in turn. He volunteers as a board member with Crossroads for Kids, which provides programming and resources for the underprivileged in the Boston area. He also supports Colby-Sawyer. “I want to give students opportunities to be in a small learning environment. If I hadn’t chosen Colby-Sawyer, I would never have finished college,” he says. “I want to share that, and I am also interested in helping the college be as diverse as possible.”

Since graduating, Jason has worked as a high yield analyst for Babson Capital Management and is now a financial adviser with Sterling Resources Ltd. in Massachusetts. He and his wife, Jenna, live in Weymouth, Mass.

Jason H. Feitelberg ’04